ACBA Rules and Regulations


Section 1.

These Rules and Regulations shall describe the duties and responsibilities of appointed committee positions and describe other guidelines within the American Cavy Breeders Association that are not incorporated into the Constitution or the By-Laws of the Association.

ARTICLE II Sweepstakes Committee

Section 1.

This article shall describe the duties and responsibilities of the Sweepstakes Committee as well as defining the Sweepstakes Contest. (Rev. 2007)

Section 2.

The Sweepstakes Chairperson shall be appointed from the general membership at large by the President and be approved by the Board of Directors. Any other committee members shall be appointed by the Chairperson and approved by the Board of Directors. (Rev. 2007)

Section 3.

The sweepstakes year shall run from July 1st through June 31st of each calendar year.

Section 4.

August 31st of each year shall be the cut-off date for all completed sanction forms and/or corrections from the Show Secretaries to be received by the Sweepstakes Chairperson for inclusion in the previous sweepstakes year. (Rev. 2007)                       


Section 5.

The ACBA Sweepstakes program is open to all ACBA members in good standing. They may elect to enroll in the program upon joining the ACBA and upon membership renewal. Enrolment in the program will last for the valid dates of membership. Upon renewal, a member must reaffirm his or her interest in participation. In order to ensure participation in the full season, a participant's membership must be active July 1st and remain active throughout the season. No points will be accrued during a lapse of membership. An active member who wishes to participate mid-membership must do so in writing to the ACBA secretary or submit an early membership renewal form. (Rev. 2011)

Section 6. (Deleted 6/01)

Section 7.

The ACBA sanction forms shall be completed by the Show Secretaries and shall be forwarded to the Sweepstakes Committee within thirty (30) days of the close of the show. (Rev. 2007)

Section 8.  Duties of the Sweepstakes Chairperson

The Sweepstakes Chairperson shall be responsible for processing the completed ACBA sanction forms by:(Rev. 2007)

a) Checking forms for errors and/or omissions.

b) Flagging forms with errors and/or omissions and contacting the Show secretaries for corrections.

c) Figuring points on the form individually by breed for each exhibitor participating in the Sweepstakes Program for that particular breed.


d) Maintaining a computer database of points by breed for each exhibitor in both open and youth participating in the Sweepstakes Program for that particular breed and sweepstakes season, as well as preserving paper records as back-up.(Rev. 2016)


e) Contacting Show Secretaries concerning sanction forms not received by thirty (30) days after the close of the show.


f) Overseeing the Sweepstakes Program on an impartial basis.(Rev. 2007)

g) Corresponding to inquiries received regarding both the ACBA Sweepstakes program in general and inquiries from participating members, with an emphasis on maintaining good public relations. (Rev. 2007)

h) Reporting sweepstakes results to the Newsletter Editor by the deadline of each JACBA, a listing of the top fifteen (15) exhibitors in each breed for Breed Sweepstakes for both Open and Youth Shows.  Final sweeps issue of JACBA will not include first quarter results (Rev.2016)

i) Preparing such awards as are determined by the Board for that sweepstakes year for the top ten (10) placements in each breed in each series (Open and Youth). (Rev. 2007)

Section 9. Deleted 2016 as covered in Article IV Official Show Rules Section 7

Section 10. Deleted 2016 as covered in Section 8 (c)      

Section 11. Deleted 2016 as moved to Section 8 (d)         

Section 12. Deleted 2016 as moved to Section 8 (h)       

Section 13. Deleted 2016 as covered in Section 8 (i)

Section 14. Deleted 2016 as covered in Section 8 (g)

ARTICLE II(B) Master Breeder Award Program (revised 11/2010)

Section 1.

The ACBA shall provide a program for its' membership as a means of recognizing those members of the association who best exemplify those qualities of being outstanding members, promoters, and breeders of cavies.

Section 2.

The President shall appoint a Master Breed Award Program Recorder who shall be responsible for the maintenance of individual member records and, in general, the operation of the Master Breeder Awards Program in accordance with the requirements set forth in these Rules and Regulations. The Master Breeder Awards Program Recorder shall be responsible to the President and the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to this program. The Recorder shall be appointed for one (1) year term concurrent with all other committee appointments and shall be eligible for as many successive appointments as is mutually agreeable between the President and the appointee.

Section 3.

The Master Breeder Awards Program shall be based upon the accumulation of a minimum of 1000 points in area of achievement/participation elaborated upon elsewhere in this Article. It is noted that a minimum of five (5) years of continuous membership in the ACBA and its' parent organization, the ARBA, is necessary to complete the requirements for this award.

Section 4.

All members in good standing are eligible for participation in this program. However, the individual member must notify the Recorder of his/her desire to participate and must periodically advise the Recorder of points earned. Points earned may be claimed retroactively as long as they are earned during a continuous period of active membership in the ACBA and the ARBA.

Section 5.

Two or more members shall be able to participate concurrently by showing under an ACBA registered caviary name, provided all members concerned are the registered owners of the caviary, for purposes of earning points related to the exhibition and/or registration of cavies (including grand champion registration certificates) and individual participation to earn points scored on personal accomplishments(such as articles published in the JACBA and other hobby/specialty related publications; holding office in the ACBA; membership on ACBA committees; etc.)

Section 6.

The following point schedule shall be adhered to for the purposes of this program:


10 points awarded for each Best of Breed
5 points awarded for each Best Opposite Sex of Breed
20 points awarded for each Best In Show
10 points awarded for each Reserve of Show

---Minimum total points for above categories - 500

All points awarded in above categories must be earned at ARBA and ACBA sanctioned shows


10 points awarded for each cavy registered in member's name
25 points awarded for each grand champion registered in member's name

---Minimum total points for above categories - 100


20 points awarded for each continuous year of concurrent membership in the ACBA and ARBA ---Minimum total points for above category - 100


10 points awarded for each year of service as a committee member or elected officer of the ACBA

100 points awarded for a primary COD holder who successfully completes an ARBA Certificate of Development for a new Breed or Variety of Cavy.

---Minimum total points for above category - 20


5 points awarded for each year licensed as an ARBA Cavy Registrar
10 points awarded for each year licensed as an ARBA Cavy Judge
50 points awarded for each article published in the JACBA or other hobby/specialty related publication
 ---No minimum number of points required in above category

Section 7.

A total of 1000 points are required over a minimum period of 5 years membership in the ACBA and ARBA to be eligible for Master Breeder status in the ACBA. Once designated a Master Breeder, the member shall be permitted to display and advertise this designation as long as he/she remains a member in good standing of both the ACBA and the ARBA.

Section 8.

A maximum of 400 points may be claimed from events which occurred prior to the effective date of this program.

Section 9.

An engraved plaque and show coat patch shall be awarded to the member qualifying for this designation at the general membership meeting or banquet following the completion of qualification. 

Section 10.

This program shall be funded entirely from the general funds of the ACBA.

Section 11.

This award may be presented to members whose membership predates the effective date of this program by full concurrence of the Officers and Board of Directors provided that it is the consensus of opinion that the member concerned would most probably have qualified and is most definitely worthy of recognition. The members of the board and officers so doing are cautioned to be extremely conservative in the exercising of this prerogative.

Section 12.

The Master Breeder Awards Program Recorder shall cause the names of all members who have received this award to be published annually in the ACBA Membership Directory. The Recorder shall announce the name(s) of all new recipients in the JACBA immediately following the member's eligibility.

Section 13.

The Master Breeder Awards Program Recorder shall respond to all correspondence and inquiries received regarding individual member records and inquiries regarding this program. The Recorder shall serve the participating membership and oversee this program on an impartial basis striving to maintain good public relations at all times.

Section 14.

In the event of a change in the rules of this program all points awarded to a member under the previous requirements shall be honored and accepted for purposes of completing the requirements for designation.

ARTICLE III Specialty Show Guidelines  -

Section 1.

The annual national cavy show shall be known as the ACBA Specialty Show. This show shall be sanctioned by both the ARBA and the ACBA with the Host Club paying the appropriate sanction fees. This show shall be governed by the ARBA and ACBA Show Rules.

Section 2. (Deleted 10/01)

Section 3. (Deleted 10/01)

Section 4.

The ACBA Specialty Show shall ideally be located geographically distant from the ARBA National Convention held in the fall of the previous year of the bid for the Specialty Show. (Rev. 11/03)

Section 5.

The ACBA Specialty Show shall be held approximately six (6) months prior to the ARBA National Convention. Show dates extending too late into summer are to be discouraged, and with all other qualities being equal, the bid with the most attractive date shall be given preference.

Section 6.

The prospective Host Club shall call on the Specialty Show Coordinator to help secure all pertinent facts necessary to prepare a bid to be presented for consideration relative to holding the Specialty Show.

Section 7.

The prospective Host Club shall present said bid to the Specialty Show Coordinator at least forty-five (45) days prior to the Specialty Show in which the bid is to be considered. The board and membership will consider bids two years in advance of the anticipated Specialty Show. (Rev. 2007)

Section 8.

Bids prepared and presented by the prospective Host Clubs shall contain:

a) show dates and tentative schedule
 show location
c)  lodging and camping facilities in the area (estimated prices)
d) accessibility of show location (car, airlines, shipping of animals, etc.)
e) Show Committee; Chairperson, Superintendent, Show Secretary, Breed Chairperson and Youth  Chairperson. (names to be included if possible)
   Show facilities (cooping, feeding, etc.)
 Photocopy of Host Club's current ARBA Charter
 Projected budget for show (catalog, special coverage, etc.)
i)   Summary of tourist attractions available in show area
   Any other facts felt necessary for presenting a complete overview of the projected Specialty Show.

Section 9.

Bids shall be reviewed by the Specialty Show Coordinator and he/she shall make suggestions for improvement if necessary. Bids in final form shall be presented to the Board of Directors by the Specialty Show Coordinator at least thirty (30) days prior to the Specialty Show in which the bid is to be considered. The Board may discuss the bids and request further information as they deem necessary.(Rev. 2007)

Section 10.

Finalized show bids shall be presented to the general membership at the Specialty Show in which the bid is to be considered. The presentation may be made by either a representative of the prospective Host Club(s) or by the Specialty Show Coordinator if a Host Club representative is not present. (Rev. 10/01) The general membership present may review the bids and make a recommendation for the acceptance of a bid, but the Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or refuse a bid, while at all times considering the best interests of the Association. (Rev. 10/01)

Providing a quorum is present, a vote shall be taken among the Board of Directors and the Host Club of the accepted bid shall be notified before the end of the Specialty Show. If a quorum is not present, all Board members shall be polled promptly and the Host Club of the accepted bid shall be notified within thirty (30) days of the close of the Specialty Show. (Rev. 10/01)

Section 11.

In the event that a member of the Board of Directors is involved in a prospective Host Club bid by being listed as the Show Chairperson, Show Secretary or Superintendent, that member of the Board shall forfeit his right to vote on all bids presented for that Specialty Show year. (Rev. 2016)

Section 12.

The Host Club shall be given a free one (1) page ad in the JACBA to advertise for the coming Specialty Show. The preference will be to give the Host Club the outside back cover of the JACBA as long as that advertisement space has not been sold to someone else. (Rev. 2007)

Section 13.

The Host Club shall choose the cavy judges for the Specialty show, however, a poll of the ACBA membership should be taken into consideration.  The host club must request the poll be done by ACBA at the time of the electoral ballot unless they wish to conduct the poll themselves.  The Host Club is encouraged to obtain cavy judges that are ACBA members. Compensation for judges services at the Specialty Show shall be at the discretion of the Host Club.  (Rev. 2016)

Section 14.

The Host Club is encouraged to hold various money making programs, such as raffles, etc., under its own club name, to create income and defray their show expenses.

Section 15.

The Host Club shall schedule an ACBA Board meeting, ACBA General membership meeting, a Judges Conference, ACBA Youth Royalty Contests and any other meetings deemed necessary. These meetings shall have priority and time shall be carefully and amply allotted in the show schedule for their undertaking. (Rev. 2016)

Section 16

The Host Club shall submit a check in the amount of $0.75/cavy entered in the Specialty Show to the ACBA Secretary - Treasurer within thirty (30) days after the close of the Specialty Show, no longer than sixty (60) days shall be allowed. Once the ACBA Secretary-Treasurer receives the check from the Host Club they are to notify the Specialty Show Coordinator of receipt. (Rev. 2007).

Section 17.

Failure to comply with Section 16 may result in the revocation of membership in good standing of the responsible person(s), and/or withholding of future ACBA show sanctions for the Host Club and/or ARBA involvement, all of which shall be subject to action by the Board of Directors.

Section 18.

The ACBA shall in no way assume responsibility for any debts or legal action in connection with the Specialty Show proceedings.

Section 19.

The Host Club is understood as having read and accepted these Specialty Show Guidelines in their entirety by the act of submitting a bid to the Specialty Show Coordinator.

Section 20.

Upon acceptance of a Host Club bid by the ACBA general membership and the Board of Directors, the Specialty Show Coordinator shall present to the Host Club the ACBA Specialty Show Host Club Agreement-a document requiring the signatures of the ACBA Specialty Show Chairperson, Host Club Show Superintendent and Host Club Show Secretary. This document states their review and compliance with these Specialty Show Guidelines with special attention toward Sections 16 and 17 and 22.

This document shall be returned to the ACBA Secretary-Treasurer within thirty (30) days of receipt by the Host Club.  (Rev. 2016)


Section 21.

Any areas not outlined in these Guidelines pertaining to the Specialty Show shall be dealt with at the discretion of the Host Club and the Specialty Show Coordinator and/or the Board of Directors.

Section 22.

The host club shall make a deposit to the ACBA Secretary-Treasurer of $150.00 towards the ACBA fee of 0.75/animal with the signed ACBA Specialty Show Host Club Agreement. This deposit is non-refundable and shall be deducted from the ACBA Fee due by the host club. (Rev. 2016)

ARTICLE IV Official Show Rules

Section 1.

An ARBA chartered club wishing to hold a Sweepstakes cavy show shall request a sanction via postal or electronically postmarked or time stamped at least one (1) day prior to show date from the ACBA Secretary. Late sanctions may be applied for within 14 days of the show date for double the current sanction fee. This request shall include the ARBA sanction number, appropriate sanction fees and other needed information. (Rev. 2016) 

Section 2.

The sponsoring club is encouraged to advertise in a national publication (ACBA NEWS, Domestic Rabbits, etc.)If feasible, in plenty of time for members to request show catalogs and premium list, provide date(s) of show and name and address of show secretary. In the case of a Fair Show, please specify the exact date of judging. 

Section 3. Deleted 1990/91

Section 4.

The sponsoring club is required to offer a Best In Show award of $5.00 or equivalent, if twenty-five (25) or more cavies are shown, the sponsoring club shall offer $2.00 for Best of Breed and $1.00 for Best Opposite Sex of Breed, or specials of equivalent or more value. These specials shall be paid in each recognized breed that has ten (10) or more entries shown. (Last sentence deleted 1990-91) 

Section 5.

The completed sweepstakes report shall be returned to the Sweepstakes Recorder within thirty (30) days of the show. This shall be done even if no cavies are shown.

Section 6.

To qualify for Sweepstakes points, exhibitors must be a member, in good standing, of the ACBA and have paid their dues at the time of the show.

Section 7.

The ACBA shall give Sweepstakes awards on points acquired as follows: Best In Show 50 points, Reserve 25 points, Best of Breed 25 points, Best Opposite Sex 25 points, Best Senior of Breed 25 points, Best Intermediate of Breed 25 points, Best Junior of Breed 25 points, Best of Variety 25 points, Best Opposite of Variety 15 points, Best Senior of Variety 10 points, Best Intermediate of Variety 10 points, Best Junior of Variety 10 points. (Rev. 1990/1991/2003) 

Points earned at ACBA National Specialty Show and ARBA Convention shows are to be doubled. Any show held by the hosting club of an ACBA National Specialty Show in conjunction with the National Specialty shall also receive doubled points. No other awards shall be recognized by the ACBA Sweepstakes Program.  (Rev. 2016)

Section 8.

(Deleted per changes effective July 1, 1986)

Section 9.

Youth Show in Youth Shows receive Youth Sweepstakes points. Effective, July 1, 1989, Youth showing in open shows may have open points transferred to the youth sweepstakes, if a youth sanctioned show was not held in conjunction with an open sanctioned show. Youth can participate in the open sweepstakes, if  they choose to, providing the Sweepstakes recorders have been notified. Youth cannot participate in both open and youth.

Section 10.

Youth as defined in the ARBA Show Rules may show in Youth Shows Youth must be able to handle their own cavies.  (Rev. 2016)

Section 11. 

The ACBA Sweepstakes year runs from July 1st through June 30th.

Section 12.

No cavy shall be permitted to compete in two (2) classes or more, nor be shown in both Youth and Open  in the same show.  (Rev. 2016)

Section 13.

All cavies competing shall be entered in the name(s) of the owner(s).  No cavy owned or co-owned by an adult may be entered or shown in a Youth show. (Rev. 2016)

Section 14.

Each variety (color/group) of a cavy recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association is to compete for Sweepstakes within it's own breed.  (Rev. 2016)

Section 15.

Judging shall be done and awards placed by a judge duly licensed and sanctioned by the ARBA.

Section 16.

All cavies are to be exhibited in their natural state (without faking designed to alter the natural condition or appearance). Any violation of this rule shall exclude cavies from competition. Grooming that does not alter the natural state is permitted.

Section 17.

Optional awards for Best Display shall be awarded for points accumulated in "class competition". This is the exhibitor with the most points received in a particular class as determined in the show catalog. In the event of a tie for Best Display, the exhibitor with the largest entry shall win. If the entries are the same, the judge shall decide. (Rev. 2016)

Section 18.

All ribbons and trophies offered as prizes shall be won but once, then to become the property of the exhibitor.

Section 19.

No appeal from the decision of the judge shall be entertained except in the case of fraud or a disqualified cavy being placed in the awards. (ARBA Show Rule: Section 52, 54, and 55)

Section 20.

Senior and intermediate long-haired breeds may be shown on a regulation show board measuring 16" x 16" x 4", covered with plain, natural color burlap, with four approximately 1" high and 4" wide hand holds (one centered on each side). Any other type of stand shall be not be allowed, and removed. (Rev. 2016)

Section 21.

Interpretation of the Sweepstakes Rules by the ACBA Board of Directors shall be binding on all shows. Any case in which provision has not been made, shall be referred to the ACBA Board of Directors.

Section 22.

The following information shall be included in all show catalogs: Official American Cavy Breeders Associations Sweepstakes Show, Daniel McParland, 2719 Coventry Lane, Ocoee, FL 34761 (replaced James with Dan). Dues: Single Adult $25.00 1st year, $20.00 Renewal; Family-$30 1st year, $25.00 Renewal; Youth-$20 1st year, $15.00 Renewal. (Rev. 10/99) Open Sanction - $10.00, Youth Sanction - $8.00. (Revised 10/98) 

Section 23

If no cavies are shown, the sponsoring club may apply the sanction in possession to a future show providing the following procedure is followed:

a. Return the front page of the sanction packet (page with show information on a label) within 30 days to the Sweepstakes Recorder along with reason (s) noted, such as, no cavies entered, bad weather, judge canceled, etc. Do not return breed forms.

b.  When determined the sanction will be applied to a future show, the Sweepstakes Recorder or ACBA secretary will send confirmation to the listed show secretary. When sending for the next sanction, the show secretary shall send the received ACBA notice in lieu of sanction fee.

c.  Applied sanctions are not transferable to another club.
d.  No breed forms will be sent with an applied sanction. Please keep the breed forms from the previous sanction packet.

e.  Applied sanctions must be used within eighteen (18) months of date of origin. (Rev. 2016)

ARTICLE V Salaries

Section 1.

No member of these appointed committee positions covered under these Rules and Regulations of this Association shall receive any salary or compensation for the normal conduct of his/her duties of this Association.

Section 2.

Expenses incurred by the members in these positions, by and for this Association, may be reimbursed by the Association. Such reimbursements, totalling over $100.00, are not to be paid until approval by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE VI Hall of Fame

Section 1. Selection Criteria

a.  The individual selected should have been an ACBA member either now or in the past for a period of not less than 5 consecutive years.

b.  The individual selected should have served the cavy fancy or industry as an officer or appointed committee member in the local clubs, regional or state cavy associations, the ACBA and/or as an ARBA licensed Judge or Registrar for no less than 7 years. Any individual who has no less than 7 years of service to our youth programs but may not qualify under the aforementioned criteria shall be given the same consideration for this honor as the other nominees.

c.  The individual selected should have an outstanding record of serving and promoting the cavy fancy, be it either past or present service, candidate being living or deceased, no exceptions.
d.  First year of selection, no currently sitting elected officer of the ACBA shall be eligible for nomination.

Section 2. Nomination

a.  Any member in good standing may nominate a person who meets the minimum criteria for consideration for election to the ACBA Hall of Fame.

b.  The letter of nomination shall include a brief biography sketch of the candidate and the nominator's reasons for believing that the candidate is worthy of election to the Hall of Fame.

c.  Nomination shall be received by the chair of the selection committee no later than July 1 of each year. Nominees will remain confidential.

d.  The head of the selection committee will be appointed by the ACBA President for the first year. That  individual will remain in the position until such time that there is a need for a new chairman. At that point in time, the position will be taken over by the most senior member of the selection committee who wishes to serve as the new committee chairman.

Section 3. Selection

a.  The members of the Hall of Fame shall serve as the selection committee. After the establishment period, only two individuals may be selected annually from those nominated by the ACBA members. The Hall of Fame members, if having no nominations submitted or having no nominations submitted that fit the criteria as listed in Section 1, may choose not to select a new member in any given year.

b.  The chair of the selection committee will circulate all nominations to Hall of Fame members. After a period of no less than 6 weeks to allow members to discuss candidates, the chair will call for a vote on the candidates. Hall of Fame members will rank all candidates who they feel are qualified in order of preference. Points will be awarded as follows; 1st on a ballot 6 points, 2nd on a ballot 4 points, 3rd on a ballot 3 points, 4th on a ballot 2 points, 5th on a ballot 1 point. 6th or lower on a ballot will not receive any points. The candidate who receives the most points will be elected provided that he/she receives "Qualified" votes on at least 3/4 of all returned ballots. In the event that the candidate receiving the highest points fails this criteria, no candidate will be selected that year. If in the event of a tie for first place, all candidates involved in the tie for first place will receive the honor.

c.  The selection ballots must be returned to the chair of the committee no later than two weeks prior to the ARBA convention.

d.  The chair of the selection committee will destroy all nominations, discussion and voting material after the Hall of Fame and ACBA board of directors have been notified of the selection candidate.

e.  New Fall of Fame members will be inducted at the ACBA banquet or meeting at the ARBA convention. (Rev. 10/98)


Section 4. Establishment Period   (Removed 2016)           

Section 5. Recognition

a. All Hall of Fame recipients shall receive an ACBA Plaque with their name and date of receipt on it. Also their names and date of induction into the Hall of Fame is to be listed in each and every issue of the ACBA Journal. Newest members on the top of the list and move the rest down. (updated, with changes and revisions, March 1997 unless otherwise noted)

ARTICLE VII Membership Recruitment Contest                    

Section 1

All American Cavy Breeders Association members in good stand may participate.

Section 2

The Membership Recruitment Committee will count all NEW qualifying membership(s). Membership(s) that qualify must be submitted during the dates of the contest for that current year, and have all fees and dues paid in full.

Section 3

Contest will run from July 1st through June 30th each and every year, with the first contest starting July 1, 2002.

Section 4

The purpose of the contest is to generate and encourage interest in the Cavy Fancy and the A.C.B.A. through the promotion of Club membership(s).

Section 5

Any club member may add "referred by" to a Membership application.

Section 6

Yearly winners of the contest will receive a plaque, along with mention of name(s)in the Journal of American Cavy Breeders Association (JACBA), and one-year ACBA membership to begin at the end of the current membership. The award will be presented during the ACBA banquet at the ARBA Convention each fall following the completion of the contest year.

Section 7

The A.C.B.A. Secretary will provide a compiled list of names of NEW membership and corresponding contest participants to the membership Recruitment Committee Chairperson, no less than quarterly.

Section 8

The chairperson of the Membership Recruitment Committee will provide the current standings to the editor of the JACBA by existing deadline schedule.

ARTICLE VIII Teri Leach Memorial Literary Award (added 2007)

Section 1 - Eligibility

A. Articles printed from January 1st through December 31st each year. (The first year will be January 1,2007 through December 31, 2007 with the award given at the Specialty Show in 2008.) 

B. Any original article that has not been previously published anywhere, that is published in the JACBA during the eligibility period will be considered. "Required reports" as officers' messages, district reports, committee reports, etc. will not be considered.

C. Fiction and non-fiction articles will be considered.

D. Non-fiction articles must have accurate information, be clear and mechanically sound.

Section 2 - Who is eligible;

The Author must be a member in good standing of the ACBA at the time the article is submitted, published, and at the time the award is given.

Section 3 - Selection Committee

A. The President shall appoint, with board approval, four (4) ACBA members in good standing.
 The JACBA Editor shall be a member of this committee.
C. The committee members are not eligible to compete for the award.
 All members of the committee will have voting privileges.

Section 4 - Award

A. One 1st place award will be given each year.
 A plaque is given for the winning article.
 Honorable mention certificates may be awarded at the discretion of the committee.
D. An award need not be given each year at the discretion of the committee.
E.  The award shall be presented at the ACBA Specialty Show banquet.

ARTICLE IX Specials Committee (Added Oct 2013)

Section 1.

This article shall describe the duties and responsibilities of the Specials Committee.

Section 2.

The Specials Chairperson shall be appointed from the general membership at large by the President and be approved by the Board of Directors. Any other committee members shall be appointed by the Chairperson and approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 3.

The Specials Committee shall be responsible for obtaining funds for the purchase of awards for the ACBA Specialty Show and the cavy show at the ARBA Convention.

Section 4.

The Specials Committee shall obtain awards and ensure they are available at the ACBA Specialty Show and the ARBA Convention.

Section 5.

The Specials budget shall consist entirely of donations, and is funded from year-to-year. Any surplus funds may be carried forward for future use.

Section 6.

The Specials Fund shall be self-funded. There will be no contributions from the ACBA general fund, nor are any specials funds to become part of the ACBA general fund.

Section 7.

The Specials Chairperson is to prepare an annual report for the ACBA Board of Directors' review. The annual report shall list all expenditures and all donations.

ARTICLE X Amendments and Alterations

Section 1.

The membership may amend or repeal these Rules and Regulations.

Section 2.

Any alteration or amendment to these Rules and Regulations shall be offered by a proposal in writing and sent to the By-Laws Chairperson at least 40 days prior to the next ACBA general membership meeting. The proposal shall state the Article and Section to be amended, added, or deleted; and the text to be replaced or to be added to the Rules and Regulations. (Rev. 6/00)

Section 3.

The By-Laws Chairperson shall present the proposal to the Board of Directors at least thirty (30) days prior to the next ACBA general membership meeting. (Rev. 6/00)

Section 4.

The President shall present the proposal to the membership present at the general membership meeting and open the floor to discussion.

Section 5.

Following discussion, the President shall call for a vote from the membership present.

Section 6.

A two-Thirds majority of the members voting shall be required to alter the Rules and Regulations.

Section 7.

The proposal and the results of the vote shall be printed in the first issue of the ACBA News published after the general membership meeting. 

Section 8.

Any amendment shall become effective upon passage or at such time as specified in the proposal.

ARTICLE XI Passage of this Document

Section 1.

Upon approval of these Rules and Regulation by the Board of Directors, it shall go into effect immediately and bear the date of its passage on all subsequent publications.