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Master Breeder Program

How to Get Started:


Email Karla Casebolt, stating your desire to participate in the Master Breeder Award Program. This serves as your official notification.

Provide an itemization of all the points you wish to claim to date, and documentation to support each item. It is not necessary to accumulate all 1000 points before you notify the program chair, however documentation must accompany any points you wish to report.

Review the example format to use for reporting your points. The Master Breeder criteria is listed in the ACBA Rules and Regulations Article XIII showing the minimum number of points needed in each category. Read this over thoroughly so that you capture all the points you are entitled to claim. Send photocopies of your documentation, not the originals. Keep all of your original documentation together so you can track your points. Retain your original documentation at least until your Master Breeder Award is presented to you.

Please contact Karla Casebolt at if you have further questions.

Karla Casebolt
Master Breeder Award Program Recorder

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