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Members are eligible to participate in Youth programs if they have not yet reached their 19th birthday by the end of Specialty.  All youth wanting to participate in the ACBA Youth Programs must be a member of the ACBA. 

The ACBA Youth Royalty Contests are conducted at the ACBA Specialty Show which consists of a written test, an oral interview, showmanship (for the younger classes) and judging (for the older classes) as conducted by the ACBA Youth Committee. 

The ACBA Youth Achievement, Management and Educational Contests are open to youth members and they are not required to be present at the ACBA Specialty Show. 

Forms required for participation may be downloaded by clicking on the blue icons below.

Youth Contest Entry Forms

Forms are due emailed or postmarked by March 1, 2023.

Make sure you fill out the "Entry Form" in addition to any contests you choose to enter.

2023 Youth Educational Contest

2023 Youth Management Contest

2023 Youth Achievement Contest

2023 Youth Royalty Contest

2023 Youth Contest Entry Form

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